The sense of our economic activity is to achieve added value. For the company und all contributors this value represents the basis of their private economic existence. The way we want to achieve this intention of creating added value, we denominate as a medium-sized business philosophy. This is represented in the following guidelines:

1.The managing stockholders are owners of the company. Through their direct participation at a leading level of the company, we want to guarantee a fair and cooperative interaction among employees, a fair relationship with our customers and a factually-oriented cooperation with our supplier partners. Sustainability is the intention of the owners. Therefore we want to signal internals as well as externals, that we are projectable and committed partners and no company that is construed to short-term yields.

2.Our company is located in Germany in the state of Thuringia, and we know about the importance of safe jobs for our employees.

3.We respect and consider all international and country-specific laws and regulations that apply to our company. We expect and demand this of all our business partners.

4. Customer satisfaction is the basis of our business and start of the target sustainablility. Customer satisfaction is the key to success in global competition. Therefore, the close, trusting and cooperative collaboration with our customers is the focus of our actions. And this across all fields of the company

5.Our pursuit to quality is both directed on the technical properties of our products and as wel as on generating goods and services economically and on time. This lasts from initial customer contact to the evaluation of our suppliers by the customers itself. According to our understanding every single employee is liable to provide its contribution: committed and creative.

6.Leadership - we rely on a rock-solid management culture embossed by personal examples. We include employees into the responsibility and encourage teamwork. We show and demand understanding in our acquaintance with each other. We want to promote the strengths of our employees and balance the weakness.

7.Ecology – All business activities respect the responsibility for our common habitat. This lasts from reusable packaging material to consistent waste separation, from protection against addictive drugs to avoid harmful substances. Furthermore we will continue to strengthen our activities for renewable energy and mainly rely on the technology of photovoltaics.

In a world with global relations between customers and suppliers we require all partners to comply with the UN Convention of Human Rights. Companies that deny us this obligations cannot be partners of our company. The protection of human dignity is our most urgent concern, therefore these requirements are also part of each potential supplier audit.